Types of Murder

Types of Murder

The law is incredibly complex, especially with regards to extremely violent cases. According to Georgia law, murder is defined as the unlawful killing of another person; however, circumstances surrounding the crime will determine the sentence.

Georgia is one of the few states that doesn’t classify murder in degrees (1st and 2nd). Instead, the law looks at whether or not the person accused of killing another individual committed the crime with malice or without provocation. If the defendant fits this definition, he or she is guilty of murder and the severity of the punishment will depend on the situation.

Felony murder happens if a death occurs during the commission of an inherently dangerous felony. For example, if a person decides to rob a bank with a gun and the gun goes off accidentally, the person would be charged with felony murder. There is usually no premeditated aspect to the killing itself, merely to the other crime.

Last, Georgia has voluntary and involuntary manslaughter charges. Voluntary manslaughter happens when a person kills another person intentionally but in the “heat of passion.” This could apply when the defendant overreacted in self-defense and accidentally killed the attacker. Involuntary manslaughter happens when a person kills someone doing something legal in an illegal way. Involuntary manslaughter is usually the charge when a defendant accidentally strikes and kills someone while driving under the influence of alcohol.

If you’ve been charged with any type of murder, the consequences are typically severe. You could spend years of your life in prison or even face the death penalty. Make sure you give yourself the best chance of fighting the charge and winning your freedom by talking to one of our skilled Hinesville homicide attorneys.

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