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Are You Facing Administrative Separation?

Administrative separations are a type of punishment that involuntarily separates the service member from the military. Some of the reasons an administrative discharge can occur include:

  • Minor misconduct
  • Medical issues
  • Homosexual conduct

Even though consequences of an administrative discharge are less severe than that of a court-martial, they can still have significant effects on the service member's employability, eligibility for benefits, educational goals, and social standing. If you are faced with administrative separation, speak with our Richmond Hill criminal defense attorneys for effective legal guidance with your military law issue.

Representation from Richmond Hill & Hinesville Military Law Attorneys

Two types of administrative separation processes exist: notification processing and board processing. Notification procedures are most commonly used. These occur when the notification and member's response are limited to written materials. Board processes are used when the military member is entitled to a hearing by the administrative discharge board. If you are a service member and have been recommended for separation, a hearing by an administrative discharge board is required in many circumstances. You have certain rights that must be protected.

Serving Coastal Georgia & Military Families Worldwide

At Balbo & Gregg, Attorneys at Law, PC, each of our Richmond Hill military lawyers have prior military experience, which provides us with a unique perspective into the challenges that face members of the military and their families. We understand the impact that an administrative separation can have in your life, and our defense can be the answer you need. Whether you are facing an administrative discharge for nonperformance of duties, substandard performance, homosexual conduct, or a pattern of misconduct, our legal team can remain by your side during the entire case. As we prepare a strong defense, our lawyers can use their former experience as Army Judge Advocate General's Corps prosecutors to fight for you! Contact us at once if you are facing a military law issue involving an administrative separation.

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