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Murder is a highly specific type of homicide case that typically requires the intent to kill someone. According to Georgia law, when someone takes the life of another, it becomes a murder charge when the defendant plans the act and commits it with some type of evil intent. Usually, murder charges involve advance planning with the end goal of taking a person's life, though there are distinctions made between murder charges in different circumstances.

If you're facing a murder charge, you could be facing the lethal injection if you are sentenced to death or could face a lifetime imprisonment. Give yourself the best chance of beating your charge or reducing your sentence by talking to one of our experienced Hinesville homicide attorneys. The sooner we can take a look at the details of your case the faster we can start building a solid defense on your behalf.

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Murder vs. Felony Murder

Murder involves what the law calls "malice aforethought," which means the act of killing a person was intentional. For example, if a man plans on killing his boss by slowly poisoning his food over the course of months, this would be considered murder. Conviction of this charge could lead to capital punishment or life in prison.

However, felony murder involves a situation where a death occurs during the commission of an inherently dangerous felony. For example, if someone decides to rob a bank and accidentally kills a teller, that person would face a felony murder charge. There was no planning in the murder itself, merely planning the armed bank robbery. Conviction of this charge can only lead to capital punishment if the district attorney can prove you intended to kill the victim or acted with reckless disregard for life. In all other cases, you would face a lifetime in prison, which is the minimum penalty for murder in the state of Georgia.

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Our attorneys at Balbo & Gregg, Attorneys at Law, PC could argue your case in a number of different ways, including that the underlying felony leading to the murder was not an inherently dangerous one. Likewise, self-defense is often used in cases involving a death, as voluntary manslaughter has a significantly less lethal punishment. Talk to us about your situation and we can use our experience to help you defend your rights and your freedom.

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