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Richmond Hill Criminal Defense Firm

Hinesville DUI Lawyers for Civilians & Military Personnel

After an arrest, you will need effective representation from our Richmond Hill criminal defense lawyers. We know that your freedom and your future are at stake, which is why we strive to fight for the best possible case outcome. At Balbo & Gregg, Attorneys at Law, PC, we are a team of experienced criminal defense advocates. We provide strong representation to people in Georgia who have been accused of all types of misdemeanor and felony crimes, including:

Child Pornography
Individuals who are accused of a sex offense involving child pornography will not be let off easily. With mandatory sex offender registration, you could be greatly limited in terms of where you can live and work in the future. In many cases, child pornography is an internet sex crime, which means that most evidence will be gathered from a computer.

Domestic Violence
Domestic violence laws are covered under the Family Violence Act in Georgia. Family violence can refer to any felony or any of the following crimes committed against a family member: assault and battery, stalking, criminal damage to property, criminal trespass, or unlawful restraint. Victims can obtain a protection order for safety under the law.

Driving Under the Influence
After an arrest for driving under the influence (DUI), you have only 10 days to request an administrative hearing that could help you keep your driver's license. If you have been charged with DUI, our firm can thoroughly review every aspect of your case while looking for a means to obtain a dismissal or reduction in the charge. We can fight for your rights every step of the way.

Drug Crimes
The state of Georgia takes drug crimes very seriously. The criminal courts in Georgia impose heavy penalties, which can damage your future. If you have been charged with possession, manufacturing, trafficking, or selling of any type of drug, we can fight for you. Trafficking consists of selling, manufacturing, and delivering a large amount of drugs.

Various statutes have been set in place to deal with each separate circumstance of homicide. Any killing of another human being, unless justified under the law, is considered homicide. Murder and manslaughter are both classified as homicide crimes. Although all homicide crimes are serious, the intent of the individual will affect the specific penalties upon conviction.

Sex Crimes
Sex crimes in the state of Georgia can have a drastic effect on your future. Sex offenses can include child pornography, sexual assault, sexual battery, rape, date rape, or molestation. Consequences of a sex crime conviction can be severe, including heavy fines, imprisonment, and mandatory registration as a sex offender.

Theft Crimes
Theft can be committed in various ways in the state of Georgia. Anyone can be charged with theft if they illegally take possession of another's property. Even the intent to deprive another of his or her property can be considered theft. This offense can also occur through the means of conversion or deception. Under Georgia law, theft can also include stolen services.

Traffic Offenses
If you receive a traffic ticket in Georgia, you have several options. You can admit to guilt and pay the fine or fight the charge with the legal assistance of our firm. If you choose to plead not guilty, you must appear in court on the date written on your ticket. We can help you fight the traffic offense to keep it off your record.

Take Action Today to Build a Strong Defense

In any criminal case, a proactive defense is essential. Get legal help today to ensure that you meet all necessary time frames. If you are pursuing citizenship or legal permanent residence, a criminal charge can affect your immigration status. Get legal help as soon as possible. Speak with one of our Richmond Hill criminal defense attorneys during a free case evaluation after an arrest.

Balbo & Gregg Can Defend Your Rights & Freedom

Our attorneys, A.J. Balbo and Chet Gregg, are former prosecutors who now use their knowledge to defend people accused of crimes. As former prosecutors, they have an "insider's view" about charging decisions and plea negotiations from the government's perspective. Our firm can work to build a strong defense designed to protect your rights and preserve your freedom. Whenever possible, we seek to obtain a dismissal of the charge or reduction to a lesser offense. If you choose to go to trial, Balbo & Gregg, Attorneys at Law, can aggressively defend you at every stage of the legal process.

Both of our attorneys are former members of the Army Judge Advocate General's Corps and have extensive experience handling serious felony cases. Our team understands the many unique aspects of military criminal justice system and can to build a strong and effective defense for you. Whether you are facing a criminal offense or military law issue, we encourage you to contact us today. We offer a free case evaluation, so call now!

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