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Are you cutting costs on necessary living expenses and still see your bills piling up? Do you fear the debt you have on your home, automobile, and credit cards will never be repaid? If all you want in the world right now is debt relief, you should contact our Hinesville bankruptcy lawyers from Balbo & Gregg, Attorneys at Law, PC. We know that even the best financial planners can get blindsided by bankruptcy sometimes – come work with a law firm that is understanding, compassionate, and experienced.

Why should you choose our Hinesville attorneys?

Chapter 7 or 13?

Not many people who have not been through bankruptcy before know that it is not just a blanket term for getting out of debt. Rather, there are multiple distinct forms of bankruptcy that can be used to eliminate or otherwise mitigate debt into something more manageable. For the average American who has fallen into bankruptcy as an individual, there are two types of bankruptcy to consider. As filing for bankruptcy incorrectly could worsen your situation, it is highly advised your only proceed with one bankruptcy filing or another with the assistance of a Hinesville bankruptcy attorney.

The two main categories of bankruptcy include:

  • Chapter 7: A total liquidation of all your debt at the cost of your nonexempt personal property. Chapter 7 may provide the most immediate debt relief but also requires an individual to pass a means test beforehand to see if they even qualify.
  • Chapter 13: Reduces the total sum of your debt and creates a staggered payment plan over the course of three to five years. May not cost the debtor any personal property due to willingness to repay some or most of their debt to creditors.

Bankruptcy Benefits for You

Bankruptcy is often depicted as a major and frightful life decision with nothing but negative consequences. While it is a critical process for your finances, it does not need to be intimidating and it is, more often than not, positive for the debtor in many ways. Most notably, filing for bankruptcy creates an automatic stay on your debts, which stops creditors from contacting you in any way about the money you owe them. For many people in a monetary crisis, an automatic stay affords them some time to breathe.

Our Bankruptcy Services in Georgia

When you retain our Hinesville bankruptcy lawyers, you will be recruiting a team of professionals who are dedicated to seeing you through your bankruptcy as efficiently as can be. We genuinely want to see the stress lifted off your shoulders and believe our actions can make this possible.

We can help you during your bankruptcy filing by:

  • Determining a fair debt payment schedule during Chapter 13.
  • Giving support and guidance during your 341 meeting of creditors.
  • Handling any and all paperwork for you.
  • Providing personalized and insightful legal advice from beginning to end.
  • Shielding you from creditor harassment and reacting accordingly.

You should be aware that bankruptcy might not be for you. In some circumstances, filing for bankruptcy will damage your credit score and finances beyond what is reasonable while simultaneously not giving you much real debt relief. There are always alternatives we can explore when bankruptcy does not work for our clients, including educational credit counseling and less-traditional means of debt settlement. None of your options will be available to you if you do not take the first step towards debt relief, though.

Contact us today to begin – a world of relief is waiting for you!

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